23 December
Crys Dyaz - Dicora Coach

How important are smells…

All we are able to perceive through the senses has a special sensitivity. But I am one of those who think that a scent has the capacity of bring to my mind very intense sensations.

By this time of the year, in which every one spend time at home with the family and loved ones, there are scents that lead us to that home sensation, so christmasy and related to winter´s cold and the warm of home. That image of our loved ones aorund the table, smiles, cheers… I believe homes have specials scents, and people do too.

Personally, and I think I have already mentioned it in another occasion, I like scents associated to the nature, to the organic, as can be the woody tones, vanilla, etc.

The world of scents is never-ending, I believe everyone, in any occasion, have choosen a fragance as one of the Christmas presents for one of our loved ones, and even for self-gift. Select a fragance is not an easy task, it is a very personal process but I am going to give you some tips which may help you when looking for the perfect present.

What are olfactory notes? So simple, as the fragances that compose a perfume, that is the mixture of scents that create an unique and different perfume. Is important to know that the perfume will change it´s touch and it´s intensity as the hours go by.

Exist three main notes: from output, from heart, and from background.

  • The first one, starred by the scent of the fragrance the first 15 minutes, that is what you smell when you try a perfume in a store.
  • The second one, from heart, comes after the fisrt 15 minutes, it´s essence, and it lasts for almost 6 hours.
  • The third one, from background, the final final touch of the fragrance, it´s the definitive smell and long-lasting.

To choose the right perfume, either is for you or to give away, there are many different types of olfactory notes.

  • Flower notes: The most iconics are the rose, the jazmin, and the neroli.
  • Woody notes: pine touch, bamboo, oak, and sandal.
  • Citrus notes: bergamot, lemon, orange… al lof the have an acid touch.
  • Fougére notes: Simbolize a walk through the forest, the lavender, the oak, the bergamot, and the juniper.
  • Chypre notes: they are sofisticated, as can be the jazmin, the amber, and the patchouli.
  • Leather notes: elegant and sober, as the Wood, the smoked scents.
  • Oriental notes: from spices, the cardamon, the clove, balsamic oils…

As I were saying at the begining, I believe it is a detail so recurrent in these dates, that you can convert in something very special and intimate if you are trying to look for those olfactory notes accorded to the person who you are going to give away.

If you want to add a special touch, join it with an explicative note, prepare the package with detail and good taste. Look for surprise, to enchant… and make your perfume be one of the most special gift on Christmas.

Which is your favorite fragance? I do not have any doubt, Viena. Frutal and gourmet. Unconvetional, and of women with personalities of their own. This fragance has vanilla touches, hazelnut, pear and blackberry evoking sensuality. Wearing this cologne makes me feel like that.

Look for your notes, your fragance, and gift yourself and give away that one which is made for you.

I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas full of joy, full of love, with special moments and smiles around the people who you love the most.

Take care and happy new year.

Crys Dyaz