October 10th
day of mental health

14 October
Crys Dyaz - Dicora Coach

October 10 is considered World Mental Health Day, and although I am not a big supporter of this kind of celebration, I think this occasion is special and essential. The motive is and the importance of it is key. In fact, I’m getting closer to the idea that mental health is ahead, it’s the foundation of everything else.

Luckily, I think it’s something I’ve worked on since sport was a part of my life, that is, since I was a little girl. The move to professional and highly competitive sport made him appreciate it. Because I cannot conceive of health without the binomial body/mind, without that relationship between the two and without them holding hands.

According to the OMS, “health is a state of complete physical, psychological and social well-being, and not only the absence of conditions or diseases”. I cannot agree more with the inclusion of these three areas in the definition, since health, from a holistic point of view, needs all of them to be complete and sustainable over time.

What’s different about my mental health in this case? It’s not tangible, it’s not visible. That makes it sometimes complicated or more difficult to give an explanation to a series of behaviors, attitudes, pathologies… Empathizing with it is key to making these people’s lives a little better.

My mental health is something that I “work” daily, as well as my physical health, both are essential and require time, routines… Personally, I think there are a number of tips that we can all generally apply in our lives and, although they do not guarantee 100% success, they can help us to, a priori, let us keep our mind in a state of awareness and serenity greater than people who do not devote time to take care of this so fundamental part of health.

What are those aspects that keep my mind balanced?

First of all, my family. Quality times with them are my number 1 tip regarding everything that relates to my health. They bring me as much calm as happiness, and are the first thing I go to when I feel something is wrong in my head, or when I don’t feel able.

Secondly, sport. My weekly well-planned training sessions, in which I give myself 100% are the ace of my deck. They help me regulate stress, reduce cortisol, and generate those endorphins that make wellness come into my life.

Thirdly, the rest. As important or more than the tip above, Without my 7 hours of sleep, my body does not work, my head does not have the ability to devise and create as I know it is capable and my levels of tiredness complain if I do not give them the rest they need.

Fourth, that perfect combination between moments with people and moments with myself. I am a very sociable person, I like to be surrounded by the people I love and I am the first person who aims to share, but I try to find moments only and exclusively for me. Repeating myself every day that I am the most important person in my life is something I have done for a long time, and believe me that it has changed my life.

Fifth, and although it sounds typical, “doing a lot of what makes you happy” is a “must” for my well-being. Identifying those hobbies, routines that you like and complete you, finding moments throughout the week for it, and prioritizing them over other things is another key to my mental health.

Sixth, self-pampering routines, unhurried and eager. My essential products know that they always come from the brand Dicora UrbanFit, but in this case, I stay with one of them, matcha tea shower gel, antioxidant and with a smell that, when mixed with the sweetness of the pear, makes shower time an unforgettable experience.

Seventh, focus on the positive, always. I am fortunate, probably in all aspects of my life, but every day there are stones in the way, complications and setbacks. That is inevitable and I think it is what allows us to grow and evolve, but I have learned to give problems the importance they have, not more. And that makes me focus more on the positive and on thanking. I insist, every day.

The eighth and final tip, perhaps the one that costs me the most, is to find moments to simply relax. Breathing, and only breathing, can be as complex as it is enriching. And if I combine these moments with nature, the fresh air, the “no rush”, my mental health multiplies in a matter of minutes.

Thank you all for taking the time to worry about your mental health, try to do it daily. It will change your life. Promised.


Crys Dyaz