Tips for repairing your
hair after the summer

13 September
Crys Dyaz - Dicora Coach

Before the summer began we discussed a number of tips on preparing your hair to make it look radiant, and now the summer season has finished it´s time to repair your hair if it´s been damaged by too much time spent in the sun, dryness, sea and swimming pool water…. All these factors will have affected your hair and dried it out, and it now needs specific care to give it a healthy, strong appearance again.

First of all, you need an additional dose of moisture, which you can get by using good products and a slightly more specific hair routine for this purpose. I suggest using a good mask (either homemade or purchased) twice a week.

Second, choose the best shampoo to repair your hair. I have one specific recommendation here, as I haven´t used any other product since the day I first tried MAX REPAIR shampoo, and my hair has undergone a radical change. Silicone-free, featuring moringa and macadamia extract, vegetable keratin and a scent that will entrap you in your hair routine. Apply a conditioner from the same range to finish off to ensure your hair is soft, shiny and silky.

Third, use irons sparingly or even stop using them completely for a season. Give your hair a break. If you do use them (every now and then), apply a product beforehand to protect your hair from the heat, thereby ensuring it isn´t damaged.

Fourth, hydrate the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair with additional special care. Natural oils, coconut oil and even specific hair end serums can be applied once your hair is dry after washing, providing this extremely delicate part of your hair with an additional dose of moisture.

Fifth, don´t forget that the health and good condition of your hair, skin and nails goes hand in hand with a good diet and that healthy eating will provide you with the benefits your body needs in order to look its best.

Sixth, avoid hairstyles that place stress on your hair. In other words, excessively tight braids or pigtails that could turn your scalp more brittle, especially when using fixing products.

In seventh place, avoid using a dryer to prevent your hair from becoming damaged and drying out. Let your hair dry naturally to ensure it doesn´t get dehydrated.

Eighth, massage your scalp frequently, making circular movements with your hands. This will enhance the circulation of your blood and the secretion of hair fat.

In ninth place: NOURISHMENT. Nourishment is not the same as hydration. When you nourish your hair, you provide it with the nutrients and vitamins it needs, just like your body obtains nourishment from the healthy food you eat. Nourish your hair with organic products such as the shampoo I mentioned previously, and make sure they contain natural, chemical-free ingredients.

Finally, coconut: a natural moisturiser. Those who know me are aware that I ´m a lover of coconut in all its versions and different uses, and here is my last tip for today: wet the ends of your hair with coconut oil, massage it and leave it to take effect throughout the night. The next day, wash your hair and your ends will be more hydrated than ever. This trick never fails!