01 June
Crys Dyaz - Dicora Coach

The good weather arrives, the welcome to the summer, the changes of plans, the longer days, the weekend getaways, the excess of sun, the tanned skin…

What is certain is that you have to modify and adapt the skin care routine and above all take into account the possible dehydration by excess sun, sea water and pool …

In this sense, my weekly skin treatment acquires a great prominence in summer. Now, preparing the skin for the summer season which will allow me to look at its best henceforth. And not only that, but avoiding too much sun, dryness and tightness are some of my goals today.

To do this, I trust the Dicora brand and some of its products especially since whenever I have used them they have made a big difference in the appearance of my skin.

At the top of the list is undoubtedly the detox gels, both pear&matcha and ginseng, but I have to admit that the first is my favorite.

The first thing that conquered me was its smell. That mixture of smells so disparate but that complement each other so well produced in me a “boom” of sensations the first time I used it. Among them, freshness, nature and lightness. It provides antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

The ginseng and vetiver cleanses impurities and toxins like no other gel thanks to its natural assets. Alternating according to what my body asks or my skin needs is part of my routine.

Before the detox shower gel, I always try to leave the skin ready for it by performing a gentle exfoliation with soap and a glove or a brush, in upward movements and starting from the ankles. What do I get so? Undoubtedly improves my circulation, the appearance of my skin, fluid retention, the elimination of dead cells …

This would be the first step in my skin care routine.

Once finished, and with the skin ready, I apply the detox gel and feel how my skin is absorbing it and benefiting from its natural ingredients. I extend this moment as much as possible and then it’s time to let the skin dry and apply hydration. What do I do at this point? Normally, I alternate or even mix the use of oils with moisturizers, and the luminosity generated by this cocktail is incomparable. I apply it all over my body, from the feet upwards, with circular massages. Sometimes, I apply a special cream for drier areas such as heels, elbows, knees…

For special events or situations, there is no doubt that an oil with a special shine gives the touch to all my looks, especially with steamy dresses or with arms in the air.

As a last step, and no less important, sun protection throughout the body, and especially on the face. It’s the last step in my routine. When I take the sun, I apply before and constantly protection on both body and face, and moisturizers after sun exposure to regenerate and moisturize the skin.

In short, relying on good products and giving it the importance it has to a good treatment and routine for the skin is key. As always, DICORA URBAN FIT and specifically detox gels are essential for summer.

See you soon, take care, hydrated and pampered a lot.

Crys Dyaz