13 July

Plans, commitments, events, travel, work, meetings, collaborations …

About to enjoy a few days of vacation but with many things to do, I stop to think about plans I expect for my days off.

In them, I always think of my family, specifically my husband and children, also my mother, my sister… and those plans that we can all like and I will propose here if you dare to enjoy some of them as I will in the days that I take disconnect.

The first plan I propose is one of the most fun for the little ones in the family, and also for adults if we allow ourselves to enjoy things as they do, with that illusion for everything. Going to the green pond is a paradise of nature, next to the Manzanares River, an essential visit for those who live in Madrid. Its colors and wild appearance makes it very attractive for young children.

On the other hand, if the children are older, the option to climb to the birth of the Manzanares can be quite an adventure, but taking into account the age of the children of the house, since the approximate duration of the excursion reaches three hours. Both plans highlight the wealth that comes from doing such an activity outdoors, the endless benefits that it entails for the whole family and the healthy habit that we transmit to all members of the same.  Fun and adventure guaranteed!

Keep in mind, just appropriate footwear, comfortable clothes and protect us from the sun as much as possible with caps, protection cream, constant hydration…

Let’s move on to the second plan, one of my favorites and those that fill your soul when you make them surrounded by the people you love most. I think there’s nothing more exciting than enjoying a beautiful sunset. Standing to watch the sun fall after a day at the beach, in the mountains, relaxing or in a frenetic rhythm is one of the most pleasant plans that can be had in summer.

What are my favorite places, or those where I have seen the most incredible sunsets? I would highlight the sunset in La Almudena, in Madrid. Finding a corner next to the cathedral and enjoying that moment is something I recommend if you live near the capital. I think this city has wonderful places, and we should not miss the opportunity to tour them from beginning to end.

Ibiza conquered me on the first trip I made to the island, and continues to do so every time I catch a plane and land in this Mediterranean paradise, and one of the things that caught my attention there were its sunsets. Its colors seduce you from the first moment, and in particular I stay with ending the day watching how it sunset in the area of Benirrás.

Finally, and perhaps most touching my heart, my Galicia. Home in every way, where I feel like nowhere else.  Caión is my favorite plan there, after a day at my favorite beach, Razo beach. Caión is a paradise, a place as small as unique, where time stops and where you can not miss if you visit La Coruña, its hectic beaches and fishing houses will accompany you on your journey.

Let’s go for the third plan I propose, adventurous, fun and different and I recognize that it is something I discovered not long ago, the so-called Glamping, similar to camping but characterized by greater comfort, in outdoor accommodation, in emblematic areas. It combines nature with the advantages offered by a hotel, so it is another ideal plan whether we travel alone or the whole family, feeling authentic explorers. It is also the perfect romantic getaway and respects and cares for the environment. Be sure to try it if you travel to destinations like Portugal, or again my dear Galicia, both with places that you will not find in other places in the world.

As a fourth and last plan, a sure success for the whole family is the visit to the safari in Madrid where I recently went with my children and whose experience they still remember as they were shocked to see and feel so close to animals, and real animals. A wild experience in a safe place.  Walk next to rhinos, feed tame animals, respectful displays, enjoy animals in semi freedom… An absolutely unforgettable experience for all the members of the family, those to keep in the box of memories.

And what is my indispensable Dicora Urban Fit brand for any of these plans? Without a doubt, a fresh, comfortable, floral fragrance… Specifically, RIO, composed of bergamot, lemon, nutmeg… Ideal for any plan in summer, as its freshness invites adventure and fun.

See you soon.

Crys Dyaz