The 6 essential steps to have a complete body care

31 August
Crys Dyaz - Dicora Coach

We are beginning the month of September, and just as it is difficult for us to return to routine, our head remembers those moments of relaxation, those trips, that pace of life more leisurely than we will have enjoyed on our vacation and we have to make an effort to resume the routine, the schedules…. Our body has been very exposed to the sun the last few days, to chlorine from the pool, to solar and post solar creams, to pollution especially the face …

Therefore, just as we will make a chip change to return to our usual rhythm, we must incorporate a complete routine in which we give our body the complete body care it needs, each step with a goal and a few products, thus obtaining the best version of our skin. Not every day I carry out a routine as complete as the one I will detail below, but I try to do it between once and twice a week.

It requires more time and more affection, so I try to accompany it with a relaxing music, some candles, a moment in which I am not in a hurry and I can dedicate 100% to take care of myself, especially in the last steps that are the ones that make me end with that sense of relaxation and self-care.

The first step has to do with that part of movement, of physical activity, of healthy and active life. Some days I do a functional training, strength, hit…. Others I run between 5 and 10 km, others swim… The point is to stay active and vary the training plan according to my goal at the time. That feeling of breaking into a sweat, especially now that the weather is still nice, makes those steps that will come later even more appealing.

The second step is related to food. In this case, feeding me so that my body recovers after the session, and that depends on what I have done in it. I will thus choose an intake rich in protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates. For example, a toast of rye or spelt bread, along with a few slices of banana and a spoonful of dried fruit cream… ¡ The perfect combination!

The third step, and already in the bathroom, would be a good exfoliation in the shower, after moistening the skin with a good exfoliation with a glove of horsehair or a special sponge to remove dead cells, leaving the skin soft and ready for the next steps.

The fourth step consists of a good shower, at which time I choose my favorite product of the month and I will detail at the end, but I always trust the gels of the brand Dicora and every new product that I try more I fall in love and more benefits I see in my skin after its application.

The fifth step would be a complete hydration, necessary to finish with this part of applying products and leave the skin radiant and ready to start or end the day.

The good thing about the body milk of the brand is that they are not sticky, you can dress right away and provide that feeling of freshness, softness and hydration.

The sixth step would be the moment after, lengthening that self-care has become fundamental within the routine. It is time to have a tea or a warm infusion that totally relaxes me. I try to make sure that the house is calm, so that it can be with the children sleeping or quiet, making sure that it is a time that I dedicate 100% to me.

And after explaining my complete routine, which I hope you try or add to the list of resolutions of September, I recommend you with all the guarantees that you will love the gels of the range proteins. A real crush. Since the first application I fell in love, since you open the pot and smell its fragrance you embauca, since you feel the skin softer and hydrated you can not stop using them. The first I tried was the oatmeal and yogurt, perhaps because its soft and refreshing smell I loved. Then it was the yogurt and cucumber, velvety effect instantly, and finally the yogurt and pistachio, silk on my skin.

I encourage you to try and choose the one you like best from this range. But trust me when I tell you you haven’t tried anything like this for that second step of your whole routine.

Welcome back, September.

Encourage with the return to the routine and try to take care of yourself more than ever.

A long hug

Crys Dyaz