14 June
Crys Dyaz - Dicora Coach

The appearance of our skin gives us a lot of information about our health, about how we take care of ourselves and if we give it that care it needs, especially in summer and when we face high temperatures, excess sun, ultraviolet radiation, beach and pool water, excess sweating…

I think most of us like to see our skin tanned, cared for, hydrated and soft. That is why the sun is one of the biggest enemies, or rather the excess of it.

There are a number of tips that we cannot forget and that we will remember so that not only our skin looks radiant, but to prevent aging and possible problems that may arise from a lack of care on our part, and that we will regret in the future.

As for the care tips, it should be a 360º ritual, which includes several aspects: cleaning, hydration, protection, feeding, treatments.

First, skin cleansing and preparation is key. A daily cleansing, both morning and night, and a deeper exfoliation once or twice a week with a product made from natural ingredients will leave your skin perfectly ready to look radiant.

The second tip today would have to do with hydration, both external and internal. This is because we hydrate the skin in two ways. On the one hand, through what we drink and eat, and on the other hand, with the products that we apply to the skin. If we lack hydration, our skin is dry, tight, dull. Emphasize drier areas such as heels, elbows, knees… Nourishing the skin daily, especially at key moments such as after shower or sun exposure, and the face with natural and specific products for your skin type is essential.

The third tip we are talking about today is sun protection, basic and fundamental. We should all give ourselves sunscreen all year round, but more awareness in the summer months, both on the face and body, whether we are exposed to the sun or not, and apply them frequently.

The fourth tip refers to a correct diet. Prioritizing foods rich in water and antioxidants to prevent aging and improve skin regeneration will be one of your “must” in summer. Green leafy vegetables, red fruits and fruits such as melon and watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries, gazpachos, cold creams and endless recipes full of nutrients and also few calories that will bring you that freshness and health on your summer tables.

The fifth and final tip, if we want to give us some extra pampering is to perform some type of specific moisturizing treatment, at the facial or body level. Not just for what he’s going to give you, but for that extra time you’re going to devote to yourself and your well-being.

As for my trusted products, or that can not miss in my routine, I have one to highlight and I want to share with you today. Without a doubt, my essential is the body cream enriched with vitamin B with the smell of almonds. Its fragrance is magical, unlike everything I’ve tasted so far, mixing nuts and almonds, and so is how it leaves my skin after applying it daily. Vitamin B helps the skin achieve high performance throughout the day, keeping the skin cared for and protected throughout the day. Improves cellular circulation and skin elasticity.

Enjoy the sun in moderation and protection.

Take care of your skin and take care of yourself.

See you soon.

Crys Dyaz