21 February
Crys Dyaz - Dicora Coach

My schedule of events is increasing and becomes more and more intense, with many commitments and many afternoons/nights in which the desired moment of putting on my pajamas is delayed and after a non-stop day, it is time to get ready and prepare my body and mind to attend an event looking my best.

I like to prepare ahead of time and also enjoy that moment of self-care and getting “beautiful”, so dedicating time and care to my hair routine is one of my essentials… It suits me! Since during the week a high ponytail or a well-tied bun gives me comfort and is my “must” for work and sports, I like to do something different when I leave work. I always follow the same steps.

I have like my own routine in which I have discovered what works best for me, and that not only makes my hair look its best, but also cares for and protects it.

Washing is essential. Slowly, with a good shampoo and moisturizing, giving it shine and softness.

The second step consists of hydrating, applying the conditioner and focusing on the mid-lengths and ends.

The third step is the mask, which I usually let take effect for 10-15 minutes while I take the opportunity to exfoliate my body and face.

The next step is air drying, whether it is summer or winter, it is without a doubt how I like the hair to have a lot of body and naturalness.

A final touch that I always do that makes a difference for me is that I apply a few drops of oil on the ends, gently massage and let the product penetrate and the end looks healthy and strong.

That would be basically the routine that I usually use before an event, weekends, plans, etc.

Then, depending on the hairstyle you want to do (up, loose…) I use a thermal protector before using irons, curling irons, etc.

It is a simple routine but it is the one that works best for me and with which I feel most comfortable. As for the products I use, I vary, but there are some that I haven’t changed since I tried them and they are essential: the “best color” shampoo and conditioner, whose main ingredients are red berries and argan oil… perfect combination!

They do not contain silicones, they provide shine and hydration, the keratin protects from external agents, they protect the scalp and the color, and their red fruit smell could not be more pleasant.

In short, taking care of oneself, and in this case of the hair before an event, is a fundamental moment for me, to which I dedicate time and affection, and always trust in the brand’s products.

Try them and tell me!

If it happens to you like me…

You can no longer live without them!