20 September
Crys Dyaz - Dicora Coach

It has been a magical summer, we have enjoyed in our favorite places and we have accompanied ourselves with the people we love most, family and friends. This means that we have recharged our batteries and filled our hearts, which shows that it has been a pleasant holiday.

I had mixed feelings about the return to routine.

On the one hand, I am a very organized person and I need much routines in my daily life, they help me with family organization and my own.

I think we all need more or less defined schedules, a list of objectives and things to do, priorities, organisation, challenges and illusions, and not always in that order. But I think they are the ingredients that can not miss in the recipe of happiness.

Faced with the question of how I face the return, the answer is clear: excited and rested.

I look forward to my present, and the projects I have ahead, I look forward to the new year my children face in school, I look forward to weekend getaways, the objectives that I have set myself at a sporting level and that make me train loaded with motivation week after week.

I am especially excited about the opening of the new center, and the whole process of doing things from the beginning with all the affection of the world. Trying to take care of it that in a few months will start as if it were a treasure, as I try to take care of everything, for many, many years ago.

Just as I was clear that on vacation I needed to rest and disconnect, I also knew that I was going to make a list of goals and challenges, personal and professional for the return to work.

Professionally, my biggest challenge is opening the new center.

Personally, my children and family are my inspiration.

Sportingly, the small challenges that I am marking push me more and more.

I think these are the essential legs for my life to work properly, without setbacks and with good rhythm. I like to rest, but not having the feeling of wasting time, and for this I need to get enough sleep, train strong and feed well. The rest comes from the affection and energy of my people and my team.

Self-care, the moments for it are essential when I intend to achieve a complete well-being, and for this I have Dicora and its miraculous products.

This time I come to talk about oatmeal gel. I think all the products that carry this ingredient have enthused me, but the hand soap leaves my skin hydrated, soft and with a delicious smell. It’s not missing from my daily routine. When I believe in something, I don’t change it.

I like to undertake, innovate, take risks, but I need to know that I have everything under control. Only thus do I enjoy the process of any new changes or projects that are presented before me.

I face the return to the routine with desire to make my team a pineapple, we are more and more and it is a management as difficult as beautiful. And I want each and every one of them to feel at home. I want them to feel like they want to stay by my side, forever.

We’ll see you soon.

Take good care of yourselves.

Crys Dyaz