23 March
Crys Dyaz - Dicora Coach

I have always thought that smells have what we could call “superpowers”.

The one of teleporting, evading yourself, remembering forgotten moments or very hidden in memory, bringing back people who are no longer there, fantasizing about the future, traveling without moving from the site, making you breathe deeply and leave you breathless.

Who has not ever found a piece of clothing and, smelling it, has known who it is? Do you identify with this situation? We all have a smell, even the same perfume smells different depending on who we put it on. It’s like a sign of identity.

I don’t leave the house without applying a few drops of perfume. It’s the last thing I do before leaving home. It is true that I alternate perfumes according to my mood, according to how I feel that day, and I always keep a special fragrance in my “bedroom” that I leave for occasions that deserve a few drops of magic.

What I have clear is which are the essences that I prefer, and they are all those that remind me of nature.

The shades of pink take me back to my childhood, straight to the days of running through the fields in my father’s town, and a smile spreads across my face. That smell of roses, and the flowers themselves, are part of my essentials. Wearing them makes me feel very feminine.

It is also the smell of citrus, that freshness and that more summery connotation, another of the essentials in my fragrance wardrobe. I usually choose this type of fragrance on a daily basis, since it brings a lot of vitality and they are light essences, perfect for my daily rhythm.

Finally, and also associated with nature, I prefer all woody essences. That smell of wood, of home, of the usual, of moments with my family, makes me feel good and I look for perfumes that contain it. I use these fragrances perhaps when I feel more nostalgic, before a family plan, on Sunday plans…

As for the brand’s fragrances, Dicora Urban Fit, I have my two favorites and the ones I’ve been using for a long time, I identify with both, and I’ve even used them with my children on occasion. And what are my two chosen ones?

First of all, NYC, it couldn’t be any other way. His essences is cosmopolitan, like the name of the city that represents him. Sandalwood and musk are among its components. It is a very irresistible fragrance and very typical of my non stop days. I always carry it in my bag, and pouring a few drops from time to time refreshes my smell and fills me with dynamism thanks to its touch of red fruits.

Second, MILAN. For me, the most sophisticated of all the brand’s fragrances. It is fruity, ideal for plans with friends, or moments when I want to feel more elegant.

I invite you to take a look at the entire range of fragrances from the brand and choose the one that best suits you.

And speaking of choosing…

If you were a smell… what would you be?


See you soon.

Crys Diaz